Duffy Sheridan Fine Art

One-Man Shows

Falkland Islands Paintings, Mar del Plata, Argentina 1980

Paintings of the Falkland Islands - traveling exhibition opened in London at the Royal Festival Hall and then traveled throughout the United States 1983-4

Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ April 1-28, 1999

JEMS Pacific Gallery, Kapaa, HI 2009


Group Shows

Best of Sedona ("Best of the Best of Sedona" first place People's Choice Award)

Mastervisions - Gallery One, Mentor, Ohio

Masterworks in Miniature, Gallery One - several years

Annual Northwest Invitational Miniature shows, Howard Mandville Gallery, Washington - several years

Annual Miniature Show, Stevenson's Gallery, Oregon - two years

2005 Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy (President's Award)

2005 International Guild of Realism Pan American Gallery, Dallas, Texas (Director’s Choice Award)

2005 ARC Chairman’s Choice  Award

2006 International Guild of Realism, Manitou Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Director’s Choice Award)

2006 ARC Salon Purchase Award 

2008/09 ARC Salon Chairman's Choice Award 

2008/09 ARC Salon Honorable Mention

 2009/10 ARC Salon First Place Figurative

 2009/10 ARC Salon Finalist Figurative

 2010/11ARC Salon Chairman's Choice Award

 2010/11 ARC Salon Finalist Figurative

 2011/12 ARC Salon Staff Award

2012 International Guild of Realism, Best Figurative,  Jones Terwilliger Gallery, Carmel, CA

2013/14 ARC Salon Figurative Finalist  

 2014 American Masters, People’s Choice Award, Palm Avenue Fine Art, Sarasota, FL

2014/15 ARC Salon Best Nude Runner Up

 2014/15 ARC Salon Rehs Award

2016 International Guild of Realism , Bill & Susan Rowett Collector's Choice Award, Gallery 1261, Denver, CO

2016 ARC Live Exhibition, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain; Salmagundi Club, NY, NY

2016 ARC Select Show, Rehs Contemporary Gallery NY, NY

2016 Palm Avenue Fine Art Miniature Show, Sarasota, FL

 2016/17 ARC Salon Figurative Finalist

2017 ARC Live Show, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain; Salmagundi Club, NY, NY


 Named one of the first Living Masters™ by the Art Renewal Center 

 ARC Living Master ™ - The artist has dedicated themselves to becoming a realist artist with the wish to express our shared humanity through the visual arts, has shown competence and understanding in all of the basic building blocks of great art, these being for a painter: accurate drawing, compositional sensibilities, effective use of lighting, the technical ability to use modeling, glazing/scrumbling, perspective, tone, hue and successful emotional expression. In addition, an ARC Living Master ™ has created fully professional works of art, as well as some identifiable masterpieces.  Beyond that, they have created a body of work which demonstrates accomplished facility in their craft that compares to the masters of prior centuries.  Their work demonstrates strong, reliable, poetic sensibilities which intertwine great universal subjects, powerful original compositions and mastery over all aspects of the craft, working seamlessly to enhance the chosen subject.  They repeatedly are able to “suspend disbelief” in the viewer eliciting empathy which is rooted in our shared humanity.


Charter Member of the International Guild of Realism

The International Guild of Realism was founded by a group of leading professional realism artists from around the globe in 2002 with four goals:

Recognizing the best realists working today
Creating exhibition opportunities
Providing technical and promotional support
To offer a bridge between art collectors and the highest quality realist art, created by our members
It’s all based upon the proven belief that the more art lovers of the world have access to high-quality realism, the greater the value these paintings will have.  Value not just in monetary terms, but in appreciation, understanding and international attention.

For art collectors, we create juried exhibitions in museums and galleries that span as many aspects of realism as possible so that they can see the panorama of international work in this field in one show. For museums, we curate themed exhibitions that provide a snapshot of where realism is today.  For fellow artists, we provide information about workshops conducted by members and magazine features about realism techniques so that the quality of the art form continues to improve around the world.