Mary Martin Galleries are truly honored to show artists' works for we recognize that these talents and the willingness to work hard from the artists of the world elevate mankind. After all, furniture is wonderful, design work sublime, but it is the art from the soul of an artist that elevates our lives out of the mundane and into a higher plane. That is why I believe that each person should have their own art collection.

The relationship between an artist and a gallery is a beautiful one.  An artist relies on their gallery to be their face to the world for they cannot reach the world from the solitude of their studios.  The gallery mentors and coaches when needed, supports and loves the artists and their lifework.  For the gallery the artist gives their amazing talent and shows the true face of inspiration, such a joy.  We truly love the artists that partner with us to show their work to the world.  Galleries and artists love the relationship.  The person who acquires an artist's work through a gallery enters the relationshp of support and love for the artist's work. 

If you understand how the relationship works between the gallery, the artist, and the world full of collectors, visit your favorite galleries frequently.  Establish a lifetime collection of masterpieces from the artists who inspire you, piece by piece and year by year.

Ask any of us to help you acquire the art that inspires you.  If we know you and your collection well enough, we can give you advance notice of the masterpieces coming into our galleries.
Ask for a private consultation to discuss your collection and how you want to enhance it. 


"Safari Cycle" 9x6 by Nelson Grice

"Cloud Tower" 47x35 by Randall LaGro

"Blue Reminds Me" 48x72 by Bob Ichter